Henrik Chulu

I write and speak about this future we're living in.


I'm a writer and public speaker who lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark, and who have been part of artistic and critical projects in Berlin, Barcelona and New York City.

In my work, I explore the intersections where artistic creation, technological development and political struggle flow together, often in collaboration with artists, activists and academics.

I have an academic background in philosophy and geography and had toured Europe as a musician before pursuing a freelance writing and speaking career. As a journalist and guest lecturer, I have focused on tech literacy and the potentials and challenges of organizing in a digital world.


I fill a part time position as Head of Communications at The Lake Radio, a Copenhagen-based online community radio station that mostly plays experimental, avant garde, underground and new music, as well as sound art and a lot of different podcasts. Here, I focus on our newsletter where I mainly write about the music in rotation and maintain a calendar of local music, art and literature events.

Cybernauterne is a group of specialists offering courses, consulting and keynotes on digital literacy and internet culture. Together with associate professor, PhD Stina Teilmann-Lock and artist Antonio Roberts, we designed and facilitated the 2021 online conference Artechlaw - all taking place in the virtual world of Minecraft - about the intersections of visual art, regulation and technology. In 2019, we collaborated with Arken Museum of Modern Art on a series of workshops about manipulation and propaganda reaching 300+ students aged 14-15.

I collaborated in Centre for Cyber Wellness on the 2022 exhibition Neural Burnout, the 2020 performance Visual Matrix: Acceleration, Resonance, and the publication How to Quit. We were booked for the Art and Activism program at Roskilde Festival in 2020 and 2021 that unfortunately was cancelled due to the pandemic.

In 2021, I facilitated a Migration Policy Lab for LGBT Asylum using design thinking methods I originally developed for the Braintrust Interdisciplinary Knowledge Lab.

I wrote a series of articles for Goethe-Institut on multiple aspects of algorithmic technologies:

And another series of magazine articles for Digital Hub Denmark and the think tank Mandag Morgen on emerging technologies in green transition.

The data cooperative polypoly contracted me to write a profile of their founder as well as pieces on the security and environmental aspects of their technologies.

I wrote the initial report for Djøf's TechDK commission on technology and the economy.

As editor at Techfestival 2018, I wrote articles and curated guest pieces for the festival publication.

I contributed articles to Mozilla's 2018 and 2019 Internet Health Report.

The Glass Room was an art and technology exhibition presented by Mozilla and Tactical Tech in New York City in 2016. I supported the curators with background research, wrote outreach copy, and was part of the team that executed the project on the ground including volunteer management and care.

As part of the Politics of Data Team at Tactical Technology Collective, I provided research and wrote copy for Me and My Shadow.

As partner in the boutique consultancy Solobeta, I researched and authored a digital policy strategy for Samdata/HK, a major Danish trade union for it-professionals. Other clients include the Danish Film Institute and the Danish Agency for Culture.

I was the main author and the art director of Emergent Value, a report on the internet of people also published as a print magazine.

As a journalist, I contributed English language articles to the print version of the pan-African design magazine Ogojiii and to the Copenhagen-based print and web magazine The Murmur.

In Danish, I reported for the trade magazines Samdata Magasinet, Erhvervsfilosofi and Prosabladet, as well as for the daily Dagbladet Information, and for Radiomagasinet Kollaps, a radio broadcast and podcast produced at Den2Radio. I wrote Danish language features for the major daily Politiken on surveillance and privacy and on smart cities.

At the gallery Science Friction, I curated content from the archives of Piratbyrån for the exhibition Anarchival: The End-to-End Principle. The result was edited into a print volume in collaboration with artist Raquel Meyers as part of the art fair Alt_Cph 13.

For House of Real, I developed the digital concept for Syriatypes, a transmedial documentary project.

I wrote and performed a piece for Happy New Year, Dear a publication and performance by artist Tina Helen.

While working freelance in Copenhagen, I have co-founded two cooperatively run co-working spaces: Overdosseringen and Arbejdsfællesskabet Tranen.

From 2011 until 2015, I was part of bootstrapping Bitbureauet, an independent internet policy think tank in Denmark, advocating for network neutrality, data privacy, freedom of expression.


I have done presentations, lectures, and workshops, as well as moderated and participated in panels on on creativity, culture, policy and safety in the digital world. Highlights include

I have guest-lectured at the following higher education institutions:

Other clients include Guldborgsund-bibliotekerne, Roskilde Bibliotek, Danske Studerendes Fællesråd, MS/ActionAid, The Danish Society of Engineers, Danish Association of Masters and PhDs, Danish Psychological Association, Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, Insafe, National Museum of Denmark, Roskilde Festival, Danish Architecture Centre, Made Festival, National Union of Commercial and Clerical Employees, Click Festival, DiGiDi, Helsingør Gymnasium, InnovationLab, Archive and Research of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Open Source Days, Gladsaxe Pædagogiske Videns- og Dokumentationscenter.


Email me at henrikchulu@henrikchu.lu